Hyperparameter Search via Hyperdrive (AML SDK v1)

HyperDrive runs can start multiple AzureML jobs in parallel. This can be used for tuning hyperparameters, or executing multiple training runs for cross validation. To use that with the hi-ml package, simply supply a HyperDrive configuration object as an additional argument. Note that this object needs to be created with an empty run_config argument (this will later be replaced with the correct run_config that submits your script.)

The example below shows a hyperparameter search that aims to minimize the validation loss val_loss, by choosing one of three possible values for the learning rate commandline argument learning_rate.

from azureml.core import ScriptRunConfig
from azureml.train.hyperdrive import GridParameterSampling, HyperDriveConfig, PrimaryMetricGoal, choice
from health_azure import submit_to_azure_if_needed
hyperdrive_config = HyperDriveConfig(
                    "learning_rate": choice([0.1, 0.01, 0.001])
submit_to_azure_if_needed(..., hyperdrive_config=hyperdrive_config)

For further examples, please check the example scripts here, and the HyperDrive documentation.

Hyperparameter Search in AML SDK v2

There is no concept of a HyperDriveConfig in AML SDK v2. Instead, hyperparameter search arguments are passed into a command, and then the ‘sweep’ method is called AML docs. To specify a hyperparameter search job you must specify the method get_parameter_tuning_args in your Container. This should return a dictionary of the arguments to be passed in to the command. For example:

    def get_parameter_tuning_args(self) -> Dict[str, Any]:
        from azure.ai.ml.entities import Choice
                                       PRIMARY_METRIC_ARG, GOAL_ARG)

        values = [0.1, 0.5, 0.9]
        argument_name = "learning_rate"
        param_sampling = {argument_name: Choice(values)}
        metric_name = "val/loss"

        hparam_args = {
            MAX_TOTAL_TRIALS_ARG: len(values),
            PARAM_SAMPLING_ARG: param_sampling,
            SAMPLING_ALGORITHM_ARG: "grid",
            PRIMARY_METRIC_ARG: metric_name,
            GOAL_ARG: "Minimize"

        return hparam_args

Additional parameters, sampling strategies, limits etc. are described in the link above. Note that each job that is created will receive an additional command line argument <argument_name> and it is your job to update the script to be able to parse and use this argument.